Why myCiity?

We are you! We are travelers. We are families. We have children. We love our communities. We love cultures. We love languages. We love food. We love our environment.

What we are doing

Making every city, your city, on myCiity.

At myCiity we want to bring the world to you.

We want to help you find a destination, find the best price, and give you numerous options right at your fingertips even if that means you don’t book with us. We want to be the alternative to all the large search sites out there by focusing on making travel more accessible for everyone – an experience that is easy, simple, and frustration free from start to finish.

The travel industry should be more transparent, getting you more bang for your buck, while keeping the environment at the forefront.

Amazing Prices

We search over 700+ agencies & travel companies all in one place so you don’t have too, giving you quality results and prices. Feel free to check out other sites too 🙂


All results shown are through our partners & affiliates, even if there is no financial gain for us. We believe in doing and serving right.


myCiity offers flights & hotel search as well as other options to quickly find and book your trip, hassle free.


We use SSL encryption throughout our websites. On top of this, booking and processing is done through major providers, not through myCiity so everything is like bank-grade security.

No pressure

myCiity does not do any bookings. We never use any data to bump prices or artificially create demand. The price you see is what you pay so that there are no nasty surprises.

Explore everywhere

Where to go and what to do? The possibilities are absolutely endless and our search covers everything. Seriously. Like anywhere. Just check.

Tips & Tricks

We’ve been around for a bit finding great opportunities, sharing our know-how on the industry, and getting great deals for you.

Travel green

We focus on green. Traveling and amazing prices is great, but we want to contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of doing things. Lets reduce CO2 together.

Your data, your choice

We never use your data or hide information for anything. Your personal information is yours and we value your privacy. Read more on our cookies and privacy policy here.

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