This does not classify you as a single type of traveler, however, your characteristics will bind you towards a certain type of traveler. If you are someone that consistently needs to be on the go, then even a well planned out beach vacation may turn into a bit of an adventure wandering up and down the beach front rather than relaxing and soaking in the sun. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t teach yourself to be multiple travel types. We have compiled a list of a few types of travelers.

Which one defines you best? Comment below.

Conformist type

This type of personal travels mainly because of their social acceptance. They travel because they care what others think about them. Typically choosing destinations that are straight-forward go-to places, rather than adventurous out of the box locations. They travel, but limit their horizon to the “required” socially accepted activities, like seeing the Eiffel Tower, or visiting the Great Wall of China. In the end, it’s not really about the locations you have been too, rather what your social group thinks about in regards to where you have been.

Adrenaline type

The type of traveler that not only seeks adventure but really seeks the limits. Whether biking across Africa, or jumping off a bridge in New Zealand, this type of traveler is not necessarily sporty, but just seeks activities that make the heart pump faster, and this continuously wherever they may travel. Whether planned or spontaneous this is partially what they live for.

Bring it home type

Are you the type of traveler that seeks out experiences or memories, traveling all parts of the world to photograph and bring home souvenirs. The type that hangs up all their adventures in frames all around the house, or perhaps utilizes a good old Polaroid camera? You could go on and on about your travels even if was three years ago. The bring it home type loves creativity and all the beautiful sights of the world.

Get out of here type

Maybe you are the traveler type that enjoys traveling to escape whats at home. You feel trapped in your grind and traveling allows you to break free and do whatever you want wherever you want. You look forward to leaving the chores of everyday right where they are and seek to go “out”, regardless of destination, simply to experience new things.

Improver type

You want to seek out new places and especially people to connect with cultures and learn new things. You want to bring your way of life to others while learning the same from them. You believe that our planet is precious and also travel for a cause to make it cleaner, safer, better. You seek out self-improvement along the way and never give up while the motivation is high. You do research and read books related to your journeys.

You enjoy volunteering while travelingDevoted type

Traveling is about visiting famous sites or places in regards to your beliefs. Perhaps its famous shrines or temples, churches or even the golf course? The devoted type travels primarily to go to places he or she feels will satisfy their inner soul and beliefs. They travel primarily for this, with the rest of things revolving around them as a side effect. Whatever you are devoted to this is primarily what you focus on when you plan and book your travels. Seeking out places that relate to you personally.

Go beyond type

You are someone that not only seeks adrenaline, but you want to go to places where you believe no one has gone before. Like a pioneer, centuries ago, you seek challenges and places exotic, cold, hot, dry, humid, and so forth to not only push your boundaries for the sake of excitement like the adrenaline type but to authentically discover places and things beyond your conventional tourist attractions. It’s like being on a mission with a goal.

That being said, what type do you believe you are? Perhaps you find yourself a combination of one or more types, but if you really sit down and ponder about who you are and what you enjoy doing while traveling, then you might just be able to really narrow it down to one type. Give it a try. There is no right or wrong. Traveling is beautiful. We hope you do it for all the right reasons and enjoy life along the way.

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