Traveling and planning to rent a vehicle? You may want to give this article a read where we post 8 tips on renting a car. However, in this post, we want to dive into the topic of car rental location.

Discovering the best rate and prices, along with the best conditions is already a tough task in and of itself, especially when you consider all the options you have that include various rental agencies, the types of cars, and often (unfortunately) hidden fees that don’t show up unless you thoroughly read through the fine print. This myCiity travel post will perhaps make you a slightly better-informed traveler so that you are able to catch a great rental deal. If you are out for a great offer, then the only real thing to do is to compare prices over and over again (but make sure you use some of these tips in regards to cookie usage).

Utilizing a car comparison site will go a long way to quickly compare rates and conditions, however, that does not mean you should not check the rental agency website either. They too often have great deals you won’t find elsewhere, especially during low seasons. Often you’ll find special last minute type deals in case you immediately need to book a car. Another way to find great deals and the locations that go with them are either by subscribing to the rental agencies newsletters or like with airlines, being a loyalty card holder/member. You’ll then be informed upfront when a great deal comes along. This does not mean that you should procrastinate all the time. Booking ahead will definitely save you a few headaches and Euros for that matter. Often agencies like Alamo, Avis or Hertz will offer you a straight-up discount of around 10% if you book a certain period ahead of time and pay straight away.

Where to pick-up your car?

Generically speaking, the airport will always be more expensive in comparison to renting from a local neighborhood area in the city you are at. This is not always true, but prices tend to be slightly higher at airports for a variety of reasons including convenience for one. Hence, compare prices between different locations (if available) and see if there are any major differences. If so, we suggest you use public transport to get into the city, do a tour if need be or possible and then pick up your car at a non-airport branch to save money.

If on the other hand, you need your car immediately, then logically the convenience of actually picking it up at the airport is a no brainer. Just make sure you reserve ahead of time and utilize any promotions we mentioned above. This will at least offset any increased costs by just walking straight up to the counter and asking if a car is available. That is of course unless you’re a status member at the given rental agency.

Rule of thumb for booking is the sooner you book, the more you are able to save as you have time to compare. If you book well in advance utilize the “cancel for free” (or slight payment) option in case you find a better deal the following days and want to reserve the new find. Yes, this is a hassle, but if your a budget traveler, may well be worth it.

Now that you know where you need to check in regards to better pricing, make sure you uncover and hidden fees and avoid paying any high priced rental insurance by being an informed customer. Yes, you’ll need insurance, yet often you’ll be able to utilize one without actually having to pay at the counter. Find out a few additional tips here and enjoy booking your next rental.

What have your experiences been with renting cars at different locations? Do you find that renting at airports are the same in regards to price or does it at least seem to you that it is pricier when renting there? How about time frame. When do you usually book? Comment below and feel free to share this post on your social media by clicking below.

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