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If you want to go on vacation and are on a budget, then the best option is probably all-inclusive deals. The best thing about all-inclusive deals is that they include everything in a one-holiday pack, meaning the flight, the rooms, the meals and drinks along with any activities listed as part of the package. These deals are considered cheap, albeit they at first glance may seem pricier than booking everything separately, however when you factor in everything that comes along with the deal, these cheap travel deals pay off. Especially for families with teenagers as everything is encompassed in the deal including a tour or two and recreational activities for all. Hence, the best part of this deal is that you do not need to spend any additional cash, except if you undertake things outside of your resort on your own or have the urge to go holiday shopping, etc.

These benefits listed above outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to all-inclusive deals.

  • Often there is an all-inclusive buffet included. (Make sure to check whether your offer includes half-pension or full-pension)
  • The service (depending on the overall package price) is typically fairly decent for such all-inclusive deals.
  • There are many activities included, often ranging from 1-2 tours
    • Diving
    • Snorkeling
    • Water sports
    • Safaris
    • etc
  • Resorts typically offer a vast variety of “things to do”
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Child care
    • etc

Therefore, whatever your likes and dislikes, there are plenty of all-inclusive options both locally and abroad and for all seasons and countries across the globe. Whatever your family members enjoy doing, there is sure to be a package that fits your expectations and budget. Whether it’s visiting the Rockies and a ski trip in America or snorkeling in Greece during the summer, activities, and deals are just about anywhere. Start by doing some research online of places you would like to go and then see what the internet throws out in regards to all-inclusive deals.

The downsides of all-inclusive still exist. This again depends on where you go and what the local environment might be like. Depending on your package you may be limited to some activities at your resort because you did not book the “premium” all-inclusive deals that would give you full access, hence you’re limited albeit having paid for something you thought was “all-inclusive.” Sometimes shuttles to and from places are not included in your resort price and that means that you will have to pay out of your pocket on-site if you use such services, therefore turning your vacation into something more restrictive and perhaps more costly. In some countries or places, even if advertised differently, workers still expect a tip. You may also be run over, say on the beach by sales pitches to partake in activities like water sports, dinners, etc. depending on where you are. Therefore ensure you read up on the small print for your potential all-inclusive booking.

  • Limited access to activities depending on package
  • Services may cost extra as a “premium”
  • Sales pitches by local businesses depending on location and place
  • Tipping

So while there are many options for holiday packages, all-inclusive is definitely a great choice for an often hassle-free and decently priced vacation. No thinking about food, activities, place to stay or flight schedule. It’s all done for you. You can customize depending on your family’s wants and can be assured that you’ll find a destination everyone would be excited about. There are plenty of online resources from forums to websites to search engines that can get you first insights when you do your homework. Do comparisons with various websites and see if the deal is actually a “deal.” Do your research and read the fine print. If you feel comfortable with everything offered, along with the mentioned price, then go ahead and book your all-inclusive holiday package.

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