If you are traveling to the beach for a nice “relaxing” vacation with your toddlers or younger kids, then make sure they are safe from the sun. The same goes for you as an adult, however, most kids when told that they need to screen up to reduce skin cancer will probably stare you down with a weird look on their face like, “what do you mean?”

Now, sunscreen is vital when it comes to a beach vacation, however, there are also a variety of other methods that you can use to keep your kids safe. We have compiled a list of a few things you can do to beef up your sun security for your kids when at the beach to avoid any burned skin.

SPF Shirts

In today’s advanced textile industry, you can easily grab an SPF Sun Protection Factor) shirt of the hook at your local store for near to nothing. This is also valid for other forms of textiles, like shorts and hats. Getting your kids a cool SPF shirt even when you are not at the beach for hot summer days may be worth something to think about. If you do a google search you’ll come across that a good average white cotton t-shirt has a rough SPF of 7, which compared to sunscreen that has 20, 30 or even 60 is near to nothing. So grab a shirt that wears well. They usually have a factor of roughly 20ish, so combining that with some sunscreen will help you out. Often these textiles are also wearable in water. They dry fast, while still delivering protection when wet, and they look like regular t-shirts.

Hats, caps and the such

This is often a given. Some kids may like a hat, others won’t, but routine and talking, and explaining as to why will make all the difference. Trust us. Hats, especially on a hot day at the beach will add to the protection factor of your kid not getting burnt. The various shapes of hats also allow not just protection from the heat on the head, but the nose, ears, foreheads, cheeks, and neck areas as well. For toddlers, we recommend a hat with a back drape that covers their back of the neck, as young kids tend to crawl or play head facing down into the sand exposing their back of the necks to the sun.

On top of a good hat, ensure it has a chin strap. If at the beach it can get windy, so a chin strap that is comfortable and not to tight will allow for your kid to take it off themselves and protect the hat from flying away.

If you’re simply on the road, then perhaps a cap will suffice. Try out various things at the store and see what suits your kid best.

A pair of glasses

This also isn’t something for every kid. Some kids like it and find it silly and cool, while others are annoyed that something is on their face. Either way, there are some really great glasses that offer great UV protection and are designed to withstand kids breaking them. You’ll also want to grab a pair of polarized sunglasses for kids. Keep in mind that kids’ eyes cannot filter UV light as well as adults. Make sure the glasses cover 100% UVA and UVB protection and are made of rubber.

Surfer Style Board Shorts

Surfer wearing longer boarder shortsSurfers have been wearing them for decades, aside from their wetsuits. These longer trunks cover large parts of the legs adding extra fabric to the lower leg area. This in turn protects the skin of a child in addition to fully exposing them while wearing a normal speedo style bathing suit. Plus you can sell your kid how cool of a surfer they are. Many of these types of shorts offer protection of around 50+ against UV light.


Rather then just a plain towel, you may want to consider having two smaller towels along. One for playing in the sand, namely a poncho towel, that can get dirty and then you just shake it off when you leave, and a second towel, a hooded one, for when they come out of the water to dry up. Either way, even if you just opt for one, kids love lounging in towels. Hence, the fabric covers the skin and offer shade to both the head, shoulder, and body area, allowing them to avoid burns.

Wearable towels always are better than regular adult type towels as you just throw them on, the kids don’t need to hold on to anything, especially if windy and it keeps them comfy and cozy.


While you may find that an umbrella is sufficient, make sure that it too is of higher quality and contains a sun protection factor. However, if you are traveling with kids we at myCiity recommend a tent. There are a variety of shapes and styles so you can have your pick. Some are very small and compact while others are large and bulky. It really is up to you what you prefer. If you are planning to head to the beach, take maximum advantage of having a place of rest for kids that is fully out of the sun. It gives them an opportunity, and perhaps you as well, to just cool off and lay back without having the sun boil you down.

These are just but a few of the things you can do to protect your children when you head for that well-deserved beach vacation this summer. Go ahead and plan early, book your flight, do your purchases upfront to save money and hassle. In combination, think about it – great sunscreen, bathing suits, a hat, towel and tent. Your kid will be sunburn free regardless of where you end up going.

What other methods do you use or find work better than others? How do your kids react? Feel free to comment below and share on your social networks to help parents around the globe.


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