There is so (ooooooooo – notice the importance on the extra O’s) much to see out there. Amazing places that create wonderful experiences. In this post, we focus on the United States and a few attractions and places you may want to visit while touring through the U.S. Perhaps you live in America and are wondering where you should go and or what you should see. Well if thats the case then, this list will definetly help you out. Don’t get us wrong. This list is by no means an extensive “all you can do and see.” We’ve compiled a list of great places to visit from coast to coast, whether theme park or natural wonders.

Niagara Falls

Regardless of whether you see it in New York or further north from Canada, this is definitely a place to visit. This thundering waterfall, with amazing views, will take your breath away. You can get really close to the water on the U.S. side, there is however the Observation Tower on the Canadian side that gives you a grandiose view of multiple waterfalls including the Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American Falls. Take your passport with you and you’ll be able to cross the Rainbow Bridge to easily observe Niagara Falls from both views.

There are multiple tours you could do as well. We have a few suggested above in partnership with GetYourGuide. One example is the Cave of Winds tour that includes an elevator ride 150ish meters to the Hurricane Deck, or the ferry boat ride. You’ll want to do this during the summer months as you’ll get wet.

You can also visit the Falls at night where they are lit up in neon lights.

Grand Canyon

This astounding natural wonder is probably a park and name that a lot of people have automatically associate with when hearing parks and America. The grand canyon is famous for its size and numerous layers of rocks heaped on one another. There are lots of opportunities to view the astounding national park both alone, as a couple or with your family. Go by bike, walk, take a shuttle or private bus tour. You’ll be able to stop at scenic overlooks with amazing panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.

A fun activity you may want to consider is hiking or mule-riding into the canyon. You can even sleep overnight. Another option is a helicopter tour or walks across the glass floor of the skywalk.

Statue of Liberty

New York has lots to do, however, a visit to the infamous Statue of Liberty should be on your to-do list. Enjoy a ride on a ferry from the harbor to Ellis Island. Visit Lady Liberty in all her glory through a tour and climb the steps, visit the immigration museum and if you are American, find relatives.

Boston Freedom Trail

Walk along a part of history in this roughly 3km walk that brings American history to life. The trail displays 16 American treasures that span over 250 years. You’ll get to see everything from the first public school to the Burial Grounds of John Hancock and Samuel Adams, to the sites of the Boston tea party and massacre and the USS Constitution. The trail is open to walk alone or with a tour. So pick up a map at the visitor center and start the trail wherever you find best. If you can plan a stop in at Quincy market, a large food hall to freshen up.

San Diego Zoo

There are Zoos around the world and lots of Zoos worth visiting in the U.S. especially if you have kids, however, the San Diego Zoo stands out like non-other. It is gigantic in terms of size and location within Balboa Park. The zoo is well known for its tremendous efforts in conservation, education and protecting animals. There are over 4000 animals to learn about at the zoo. The zoo is so large that it is tough walking around the entire place. You may want to take a tour bus. You read right and tour bus in the zoo! Alternatively, you may want to take the Skyfari aerial tram and look from above.

National Mall

The national mall is not a shopping center. It refers to a roughly 3km strip of wide open green area that stretches from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol. It is a place full of history right in Washington D.C. that includes museums such as the Natural history or Air and Space Museum. Take a tour with a guide through America’s capital, take snapshots of historic buildings and enjoy a day full of historic adventure.

Mount Rushmore

Mount RushmoreWe are sure you’ve seen the famous faces chiseled in rock in Keystone, South Dakota on a postcard or on TV. Well, Mount Rushmore is a great place to visit to learn about famous American presidents and how it was created. Its a historic site in a remote area that offers several other attractions nearby including a national park and the Crazy Horse Monument.

There are lots of additional attractions, including Yellowstone, the Disney parks, Kennedy Space Center and much much more. What else would be on your list of places to visit in the United States? List them in the comments below.

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