We are excited to launch the official myCiity Global Travel Advisory.

Traveling is beautiful and we at myCiity believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel in a sustainable fashion, however, along with traveling comes risks. While meeting new people, languages, cultures, beliefs, and ways of life are amazing, let us not be naive into convincing ourselves that everyone has the same motives. There are risks and dangers out there and they vary country by country and region by region. This encompasses political unrest, natural disasters, changes in local laws, or health-related topics. Hence, knowing where you are going and traveling with caution accordingly will make your trip all the easier.

When browsing the web, the places one would refer to our embassy or government-related websites for one’s own country, however, that never really gave a good “feel” of whether or not a specific country has no risk or some other form of danger. What if you could know what the global governmental community thought in regards to travel warnings?

That is what we built here and what we are trying to visually answer.

We at myCiity decided to collect data through the official travel advisories that are issued by various governments across the globe and aggregate them into a normalized form in order to assess a countries safety. In other words, we aggregate the data of official government warnings and algorithms classify country safety based on various criteria outputting what you see here.

We use a color code and rating system to determine safety.

Rating Scale


The risk level rating scale is based on 0 (No Risk) to 5 (Extreme Danger). Now different countries may have different views regarding danger levels for their countries citizens, hence the aggregate number you see per country is based upon the consolidated inputs of all issued travel advisories.

Hence, the actual danger may deviate slightly for a specific location based on the sources. Nonetheless, the indicator is the overall risk factor based on reliable data and can be used as a useful indicator for your travel planning.

Color Coding

Red: Extreme Warning (4.5 – 5)

Yellow: High Risk (3.5 – 4.5)

Blue: Medium RIsk (2.5 – 3.5)

Green: Low Risk (0 – 2.5)


We hope you find the myCiity travel advisory useful for your travel planning in regards to knowing what is happening around the globe and how it affects travel. We are continuously at work to improve our products, services, and offerings. We will continuously build upon this initial release.

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