We believe that everyone should travel and discover our beautiful planet, but we must enable sustainability at the core. We’re only at the start of our journey, however, myCiity is committed to making a positive impact.

Go travel, but do it responsibly.

Experience our world on less CO2

Who would have thought that in 2020 travel would nearly come to a halt. The world has changed – but our passion for travel has not. We believe that the global community will soon open again and we’ll have a fresh appreciation for its wonders – as well as an opportunity to rethink the way we travel.

When it comes to sustainability and travel saving CO2 is more than just finding the right flight. Traveling is beautiful and throughout our entire journey, we can make choices that help reduce each of our individual carbon footprints. This begins with planning to transportation to activities and what we consume. Each choice we make adds up to a larger sum that can make a difference – even when on vacation. We want to bring sustainable travel closer to your heart through tips, ideas, tools, and more. So be inspired.

Sustainability Matters

82% of surveyed travelers say they would like to travel more sustainably leaving a greener footprint.

Climate Change

25% of surveyed travelers suggest that climate change has impacted their behavior and the way they approach flying.

Travel Decisions

75% of surved travelers say they still lack information on how to travel more climate-friendly and make better travel decisions

How to offset carbon emissions properly

Calculating CO₂ emissions is complicated

There are a variety of factors that affect the total amount of CO2 emitted that often times it is near impossible for a traveler to figure out their emissions because this will depend on a variety of factors including cabin class, aircraft type, the flight profile, cargo load, etc.

Direct Flight
With each flight the most jet fuel is used during take-off and landing. Flying direct means you only do this once.
Airline Rating
It is important to look at how well an airline is performing overall on multiple CO₂-reducing factors.
Aircraft Type
Newer aircraft models are up to 30% more fuel-efficient than older models.
Passenger Load
The more passengers the better. A fully booked plane has more passengers, which means less CO₂ per passenger.
Cabin Class
A flight in economy class may not be the most comfortable, but more passengers can fly in economy and therefore they take up less space, which means less CO₂ per passenger.

We are working on integrating CO2 offsetting projects.

We at myCiity are hard at work to integrate CO₂ offsetting through a variety of methods. This will include tools to calculate with high accuracy each flight’s CO2 emissions, projects to enable CO2 offsetting and create more ways of sustainable travel through forward-thinking capabilities by putting the environment first.

Travel sustainably

10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint


Select economy

It may not be the most convenient way of traveling, especially on long haul flights, however, economy seats are smaller and lighter than Business or First class, therefore you can fit more on a plane which results in less emission per passenger.

Plane food

Many airlines still serve everything within plastic containers. Reduce plastic use and save some money by bringing your own food on your journey within a reusable container.

Pack essentials

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to get all that weight airborne, so ask yourself what do you really need to bring along when packing.

Reusable bottle

After having gone through security fill up your bottle and stay hydrated on the plane and on top of that it'll come in super handy anywhere you travel.

Live locally

Support the local economy and leave a smaller footprint by trying fresh produce, drink local products like beer and wine, and avoid international restaurant chains. And if you're going to buy souvenirs, buy local ones made in the area.

Booking tours

When booking a tour or activity, select one operated and owned locally. Not only are you supporting the business owner, but they'll have an interest in the overall well-being of their communities.

Feul free

We all want our fun, however, minimize activities that pollute like jet skiing, buggy tours, etc. Instead try downhill skiing, snorkeling, or biking.

Keep it clean

Wherever you go, make sure to clean after yourself. Nobody likes a littered beach, so throw your things away, especially non-biodegradable products.

Don't be wasteful

Whenever you eat, order or take only what you will eat. Shower minimally, reuse towels just like you would at home. There are a lot of small things that make an impact.


Prior to leaving your home, make sure you unplug electronics not vital like TVs and computers, turn down the fridge, and anything else that might just be unnecessarily on standby.

For a future where travel uses less CO2

Roughly 2% of man-made CO2 emissions are emitted from flying. myCiity is working on eco-conscious initiatives to help reduce that percentage from growing. We know there is no simple solution, however, if we all keep the future of our planet in mind, we can work together to make the world a cleaner, greener place without sacrificing the endless beauty of discovering.

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