We all know that traveling is typically meant for relaxing unless of course, you are specifically traveling for an athletic event, outdoor adventure or the such. Either way, most of us travel to relax and get away from the daily hassles of our normal routines.

This however is no excuse not to plan in a workout or two. Most hotels have some sort of gym, despite them usually being somewhere in a corner, worn out and not really motivating. Nonetheless, we have listed a few ways you can still get that workout routine in to burn a few calories or simply to feel good.

Hotel Gym

Let’s start with the most obvious one, the hotel gym. Most hotels, especially chains, will have some sort of gym facility. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get a full blown gym or treadmill with the latest tech or equipment. Unless you’re staying at a five-star hotel or resort, you’ll typically find the gym in some small room where no one really wants to go.

To you that makes no difference. It’s an opportunity for you to push in a workout or two. Even if there is no equipment, do some freeletics. Alternatively, your hotel room is just as good as a non-existent hotel gym.

The Gym

The most logical alternative to the hotel gym is heading to an actual gym. Fitness and well-being have come to the forefront of travel and many hotels, especially chains understand this and are embracing the travel combined with fitness trend. They do so by partnering with gyms or boutique studios that are located nearby and hence are able to offer their customers the opportunity to get a day pass for the studio nearby.


Well, it surely is a win-win situation for both. The hotel does not need to maintain fitness facilities or invest in expensive equipment, while the gym, on the other hand, receives exposure to potential new clients, including you.

If the hotel your staying at does not offer either, an in-house gym or partnership, well then just search for the nearest gym online and see if they offer a day pass or trail pass. Most gyms do. So why not use this to your advantage when on the road?

Gym or Studio


Some of you may be thinking why? Well, if you do Yoga at home, you surely can bring it with you on the road and if you’ve never done it, give it a try. There are plenty of online courses you can follow in your hotel room and alternatively many places you can visit especially in cities where they offer classes. Often you can join such classes as a one-off and you’ll probably meet great new people. Yoga has become such a trend that many hotel chains offer classes in-house. The Colonnade Hotel in Boston offers rooftop yoga classes in-house. So does the Park Hyatt in Mallorca or The Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Italy to name a few. You also may be able to find classes of all kinds including yoga (and other activities) by doing a quick search on sites like eventbrite.com.


Ah, the classical run. All you need is a pair of running shoes and some comfortable clothes. Off you go. The benefits of running include quite a few things. One thing is that it reduces jet lag if you are traveling a far (exercise generally, but running more so). There was also a 1987 study done on hamsters that ran within an exercise wheel and they were able to adjust to a new lab-created time zone in a day and a half, on average, while those that did no exercise took more than eight days to adjust. That says something! Aside from that you get acclimated to the cities weather, burn some calories and you get to do some mini-sightseeing, easily get acquainted with the neighborhood you are in.

There are also many tour companies that offer running as an activity in varying distance and length that includes a local guide that will bring you to some destinations. You’ll get in a good workout and learn something along the way while meeting other running aficionados.

Outdoor Trips

Perhaps you are abroad specifically at an outdoors resort. Traveling may be an adventure for you so rather than putting on your flip-flops you’d rather put on those hiking shoes. Many outdoor resorts have opened over the last decade, offering nothing but nature around the premises. These resorts allow you to focus purely on activities from bike riding to hiking or horseback riding. If you have the opportunity to layover a day or so at a place like this, then awesome!

Day Tours

Every major city and many other cities also have plenty of daytime excursions you can take part in. Check out places like GetYourGuide and specifically look for active activities. Ones that include hiking, walking, or any other form of physical movement to combine an excursion with exercise. This way you spend a lot more time moving on your feet, then sitting around in a taxi or bus or on the beach side.

Bike Rentals

Riding around a city by bike is not only a different way of discovering but also an inexpensive way to get in some exercise. Many cities offer bike sharing programs or have a lot of shops that rent out bicycles for near to nothing. You may not be sweating the way you do at the gym, however, you’ll still get in some movement, be able to explore the city and all while helping the environment.

So you see. These are just a few ways we have listed in regards to work out opportunities. Be creative. The options are limitless, hence your excuses should be ranging from limited to non-existent regarding not being able to exercise while traveling. What else did we miss here? What is something you do and why. Let others know by psoting in the comments below!

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