The primary reason you may want to reach Gold status with Turkish Airlines is that the airline is a Star Alliance member, hence you become a Star Alliance Gold member. With Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles program the status is actually called Elite, however, Gold Status has established itself.

The question that remains open is why to attain Turkish airlines Elite status? In comparison to it’s other statuses, the Elite membership contains the best benefits in comparison and relationship to acquiring it. Logically Elite Plus holds more benefits, primarily when you travel with Turkish airlines, yet, the threshold to meet this level is also higher and in comparison potentially not worth it.

Overall Miles&Smiles contains four different status levels, including;

  • Turkish Airlines Classic
  • Turkish Airlines Classic Plus (= Star Alliance Silver)
  • Turkish Airlines Elite (= Star Alliance Gold)
  • Turkish Airlines Elite Plus (= Star Alliance Gold)

How many miles do I need for a status with Turkish Airlines?

Attaining the initial Classic status is fairly easy and quite reasonable. The main differentiation the airlines makes is between the first initial attainment of status and the requalification thereof. In order to attain a status we have listed the thresholds for each status below.

  • Turkish Airlines Classic Plus: 25,000 status miles in 12 months
  • Turkish Airlines Elite: 40,000 status miles in 12 months
  • Turkish Airlines Elite Plus: 80,000 status miles in 12 months

Each status at Turkish Airlines is generally valid for 24 months.  Once you attain a status, either through flights or via a Status Challenge, you will then need far fewer miles.

The following thresholds are necessary to maintain your status:

  • Turkish Airlines Classic Plus: 17,000 status miles in the first year OR 35,000 status miles in both years of status validity
  • Turkish Airlines Elite: 30,000 status miles in the first year OR 45,000 status miles in both years of status validity (higher thresholds for residents of Turkey)
  • Turkish Airlines Elite Plus: 40,000 status miles in the first year OR 60,000 status miles in both years of status validity

What benefits do I have as a Turkish Airlines Gold Status member?

The purpose of this article is to focus on attaining Gold status and some of the benefits that come along with it. As a Gold status member, a few key benefits include:

  • Access to Star Alliance Gold lounges with a guest
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority Fast Lane
  • Check-in at the Business Class counter
  • Additional free luggage
  • Additional advantages

On top of the above-mentioned perks, utilizing your Gold status with Turkish Airlines itself, in other words flying directly with the airline, allows you to have free WiFi in all service classes for long haul flights. In Turkey, Elite (Gold) status members may take their families to Lounges, receive additional award miles per flight in business class and can purchase up to 10,000 status miles (30 euros for every 1,000 status miles) during the period of status validity to maintain the status.

Free WifiWho needs the Gold status from Turkish Airlines?

If you travel frequently with Star Alliance airlines and partners then the Elite status with Turkish airlines may definitely be interesting and worthwhile for you. Especially if you are a frequent traveler and are able to utilize the star alliance network, say Lufthansa. If you hold Elite status with Turkish airlines and travel domestically in Germany then you are able to enjoy several of the benefits of the card with Lufthansa, things like faster security controls, early boarding, access to lounges. If you book a fare with luggage, you may also check-in a second piece of luggage for free. This is just an example.

Holding Elite status and traveling within the Star Alliance network brings these advantages to you even while traveling, say Europe, or intercontinental flights. You do not have to necessarily travel with Turkish Airlines to enjoy all the cards benefits.

Any disadvantages?

There are a few downsides, but like most programs, it really depends on whether you feel that the Turkish Miles&Smiles program suits you better than say the Miles and More program by Lufthansa. In comparison the Senator status with Lufthansa allows you to reserve seats free of charge within the network and access to airport lounges on Eurowings flights, whereas this is not possible with Elite from Turkish Airlines. In addition, you may not earn miles in certain booking classes when flying with Lufthansa or other partner airlines. Hence, always ensure that despite holding Gold status with Turkish Airlines, that the booking class of your ticket with a partner airline is rewarded with miles.

Also, retaining your status can be difficult as mentioned early on. The awarded flight miles are not very high in comparison to other Star Alliance members and redeeming miles is not exactly easy either.

In conclusion

Turkish Airlines Gold status is one of the easiest ways to achieve Star Alliance Gold status. Once you attain the status a single time, it becomes relatively easy to keep for a longer period whilst trying to attain status miles. With the right strategy, the status is reached quickly.

Do you have any experience with Miles&Smiles program or Gold status? What are your thoughts and would you recommend it to others? Why?

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