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One of the best ways to get amazing deals when it comes to airline tickets is planning to purchase your ticket a number of months ahead of your planned departure. Many airlines will dish out extremely affordable rates if tickets are acquired far in advance. So planning is king here.

There is no real secret when it comes to the days of travel as prices fluctuate. Prior to COVID-19 business travel was Mondays through Thursdays and Fridays, however, much of that has changed. Saturdays may often contain cheaper rates, hence starting your journey on a weekend may work for you supplying you do it in a different way than most individuals who are traveling on the weekends for city travels. On top of this, it is likewise essential to avoid travel throughout peak seasons. Peak travel seasons such as Christmas, Easter, or school holidays in certain countries (or other vacations) will not just postpone your flight times and force you to challenge massive crowds but likewise will cost you more.

Another tip to obtain cheaper travel tickets is what is called – red-eye flights, in other words, flights that are taken during hours when most other people like business travelers, etc. would not fly because of the time inconvenience. You can save quite a substantial amount if you are will to travel late-night routes. On top of this, check stand-by routes. In many cases, airline companies will offer tickets at an excellent discount for flights that are under-booked.

Another consideration is how long you plan to stay at your destination. Many airlines will offer affordable costs assuming you stay at your location for longer than a week, and return within a few months.

While many people think direct flights are the most inexpensive – it is frequently more affordable to go to your last location via connection centers. Yes, this may not be environmentally friendly, however, when you are willing to take flights via connections, you can potentially save several hundreds of Euros, depending on where you travel too. Using connecting flights is ideal for people who travel lightly and do not have a great deal of luggage with them (preferably carry-on only).

The Internet is a big benefit for travelers as it allows us the ability to see flight information from several vendors in such a way that even travel agents and ticketing agents from airline companies themselves were not able to see a decade earlier. Yet one thing to note here is also that the published rates online may not always be the best or even cheapest. In a lot of instances, you can call a travel agent and potentially find a better deal – but that often may come with a bit of luck. You can likewise sometimes find discount rates at the airline companies by calling them straight instead of purchasing a ticket from an online agency.

However, as we previously stated one of the most important things when it comes to finding deals online is planning ahead and purchasing your tickets early. At times buying last minute may get you a good deal depending on the day, route, and destination however often you’ll find that prices are significantly higher that way than what you would pay if you purchased your tickets well in advance. Lots of websites including myCiity, Expedia, and Travelocity will note the great rates from a variety of sources that offer flights from nearly any location to the destination. Therefore we recommend to utilize a variety of services and compare them versus each other. Yes, you read that right! All these services, including our own, will often not have every airline ticket listed for a variety of reasons (source, partnerships, availability, etc.).

Hence ultimately, it’s just about timing the trip correctly. There are no real secrets to when and what to book. If you are flexible great. If you find a good deal to where you want to go and feel that that is a price you are willing to pay then do so! With that enjoy your trip!

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