For a majority of single or couple travelers, and perhaps even families, Airbnb is the first place to search for a room or place to stay because of the probability to find something great for a cheap price. That was the original idea.

Rather than staying at a hotel, why not stay with someone in a private room, perhaps get breakfast and meet new people, hence the name “Air Bed & Breakfast”.

However, in recent years Airbnb has made noise in the industry and has come across heavy criticism by governments and locals across cities. Nonetheless, it still is a great platform for booking your stay. It also depends on the type of accommodation you are looking for. Multiple bedrooms for families or friends traveling or a simple guest room where you can bunk with the owner and exchange thoughts and experiences. The choice really is yours.

In addition to Airbnb, there are now a number of alternative platforms that provide the same or similar services. Staying in private accommodations has become a big trend.

Why do I need alternatives to AirBnB?

This could be for a variety of reasons ranging from price to platform usefulness. Not everyone is an Airbnb fan and there are a few disadvantages of using Airbnb.

  • You need to dish out your personal information by verifying yourself through Facebook or Google or upload a copy of your ID card. This is important as the community on Airbnb is built on trust.
  • At the time of booking you’ll need to pay the full amount even if your trip is still many months away. If you cancel your accommodation on time (the cancellation policy depends on the host), you will be reimbursed the cost of the accommodation – not the AirBnB fees. This too is usually different with hotel bookings.
  • There are online reviews of Airbnb guests that complain about the customer service, in case something does not go accordingly. Apparently, Airbnb support is not the best as it’s often fed standard answers.
  • On other platforms, there are accommodations that Airbnb does not have.
  • Sometimes you can find even better bargains.
  • Some guests are also dissatisfied with the increasing professionalism of Airbnb. Many accommodations are no longer really private apartments with personal contact to the host, but a (pretty) apartment. In addition, the prices continue to rise, so that Airbnb apartments in popular cities are no longer cheaper than a hotel room.

If you still want to switch to an alternative, here is a list we have put together:

myCiity Hotel Search

myCiity hotel search offers a variety of property types across the globe at competitive prices. Our metasearch engine browses through thousands of trusted online portals and offerings seeking the best prices and options for you as a traveler.

Type your destination, select your dates and myCiity will do the rest. Our hotel page offers multiple filters ranging from price to property types to facilities and room options.

Another great feature is our heat map. It allows you to view an area and select criteria such as shopping, entertainment or restaurants all while seeing which accommodations are available in the selected area.

Individual accommodation pages will display high-quality photos, all the information you need from descriptions to real user ratings (by TrustYou), to facilities information and where to find the best prices. is known as the world’s largest portal for hotel bookings. Booking offers much more than just hotels. In recent years, apartments and a variety of other accommodation types have increasingly been included in the offer. There are more than 5,000 holiday apartments in Rome alone, more than 4,000 in London, and just under 3,000 in Tokyo. All over the world you will find alternatives to hotel rooms.

Some of the places listed are even offered in parallel on both platforms, so that a price comparison is worthwhile. What does not exist here are individual rooms in private apartments – exactly what AirBnB has become known for. At you will find above all, professionally managed accommodations.

In case of doubt, Booking’s cancellation policy is better than other platforms, and the payment methods are also very good.

When talking about private accommodations, Couchsurfing should not be missed, even if it is not a classic AirBnB alternative. The idea of couch surfing is based on the ideal value that guests and hosts find each other in a non-commercial way. Each host provides a bed or a couch free of charge. The “consideration” lies in the social component because this is about getting to know each other.

If that is the type of traveling you enjoy and/or enjoy hosting than Couchsurfing might be a good alternative.

However, the accommodations are rarer than AirBnB, as the competition for free nights is of course high. In addition, is no longer an ideal project, but a commercial company that has to make a profit. As a result, some fees are charged for use, such as optional verification. There are also concerns about the privacy and security of guests. Therefore Couchsurfing is not the Holy Grail. Sometimes it’s better to pay for your accommodation.

In Closing

These are a few common AirBnB alternatives available. There are thousands of websites that provide accommodation services and bookings. Is Airbnb your preferred method of booking a place to stay or do you use another website? What kind of accommodations are you out for and what do you prefer?

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