You have been planning this vacation for months. Work has got you stressed out. You need a break and you have really been looking forward to this holiday for months. Saving, planning, reading, researching, talking, chatting and what not. Then, your trip is a full-blown success as everything from departure to arrival goes smoothly. You arrive at your hotel only to notice that you feel odd. You feel your stomach turn, your getting sweaty and hot-headed. Yes, you are getting sick.

This problem has got to be one of the worst while traveling. Yes, long lines at airports, a missed flight or even losing your luggage may be annoying, however, these are all things that have great alternatives. You may be able to get around long queues at the airport. You can go about rebooking a flight. You can repurchase items along the way should anything get lost. However, you can’t turn in your sick self for a fresh new one. Even in some cases if you have your medication with you and sanitizers, got all your shots and vaccinations, sometimes the body just won’t play along.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to fully panic especially if you have travel insurance and also prepared ahead of time for the “just-in-case” scenario.

Don’t wait around

We all don’t like taking the time to go to the doctor because “it will cure itself out”. This may be true, nonetheless, when you are traveling, especially during the flu seasons know that places like airplanes can become germ-infested places really quickly. And the thing is you never know quite what you got. Many diseases start out with similar symptoms. Don’t believe us? DO a google search and see how many things you come across that have the symptoms fever and nausea!

Hence, don’t just lay around and see, throwing in a couple of ibuprofen and the such. The earlier you can get to a doctor, even if it’s for a diagnosis you think you already know, the better your chances of getting well faster.

If you ask a doctor they will tell you the same thing. Symptoms are alike for many illnesses. You may just have a strong cold or your aches and fever may be malaria. If you have symptoms, head to a doctor as fast as you can.

Insurance policy

How many of you have ever booked an insurance policy? How many of you have not and then along the way wish they did. Budget in a couple Euros for proper health travel insurance. It could go a long way, especially if you’re on a far distance journey. The best part about it is, in this “just-in-case” scenario you’ll be happy that you did purchase medical travel insurance. The point of these types of insurances is to save you money and headaches in case you do fall ill. It can literally save you thousands of Euros in medical costs should something happen. There are plenty of policies out there. Make sure to read the fine print so as to know what the policy covers and what it does not. Seeing a dentist will probably not be covered by many, as an example.

We at myCiity recommend World Nomads. They offer great deals for a variety of coverage and you can even book the policy if you have already left on your journey. Unlike most other policies you’ll need to book upfront.

Where to go

Being prepared and knowing where to go is vital when getting sickIf you have planned properly and know where you’ll be staying then part of your planning will have included knowing emergency numbers and also the locations of hospitals, clinics or doctors nearby. You can always ask at the reception or your host depending on where you are staying. The important thing is that you don’t just randomly go to see a doctor. You don’t want to end up being treated by the Simpsons Dr. Nick. Do your research or ask locals you deem reliable. Things you’ll want to look out for is language, where they are located, and what type of care they provide. Alternatively, call your embassy in case of high profile illnesses.

Your body is a temple

Okay. We know. You’ve planned this holiday for months, but you need to heed your body’s advice and that of the doctors. We know how tempting it is to throw in a few medications and push forward with your travel plans, see and live out new experiences, however, you need to rest and allow your immune system to help you recuperate. Keep the energy levels low, get plenty of sleep, especially if you’re jet-lagged, avoid any dodgy foods and hydrate yourself often. Perhaps doing so and missing out for one day will allow you to fully enjoy the rest of the days whereas if you pushed forward you’ll just remember how crappy the whole trip was.

Back home

Once you arrive back home, depending on what you had, it would be important to update your house doctor or standard physician of the issues you had. This doesn’t mean ringing them up and telling them you had the slight flu, ate chicken soup and were on your way. We mean serious illnesses like malaria or zika. This way they know your medical history can see what the treatment was you received and monitor any lasting effects in regards to the condition you had.

These are just a few thoughtful reminders to keep you aware of what may help when you get ill. If you fall ill, that’s life. Don’t be upset or frustrated that it happens right when you go on vacation. Yes, it can be annoying, but stay positive and make the best of it. With these tips, you just may be back on your feet in no time able to enjoy the best of what’s left. Life is to short to be unhappy.

What do you do if you get sick while traveling? Any tips or recommendations for the community? Comment below.

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