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myCiity is an inspirational hub for affordable travel created by a small team of travel enthusiasts. Our goal is to motivate people to travel, open their minds, meet new cultures, appreciate what our planet has to offer, and create lasting bonds and friendships while doing so that span the globe. If this is a concept you’re passionate about, let’s talk!

Current writing jobs (June 2019)

At the moment, we are seeking freelance writers to author pieces in any of the following areas:

  • Specific “how to” guides on visiting particular places: Mount Everest, the Amazon, Alaska, Cities, 
  • Long-form destination guides with detailed information
  • A guide on credit cards, points and/or rewards programs and how to efficiently use cards and points to travel cheaply or free.
  • How-to guides on various topics (e.g. how to travel cheaply with children, how to travel if you have debt).
  • Work & travel topics (e.g. how to teach overseas, how to work remotely & travel).
  • Inspirational posts (e.g. why grief inspired me to travel).
  • Any “travel hack” type posts

What we look for

We seek writers who can create digestible, practical information. All articles should be concise, accurate, and sensibly broken up with headings. Our aim is to have readers gain new knowledge from our articles, without having to sift through “fluff”.

Professional writing experience is ideal but not essential if you can provide samples demonstrating your writing abilities. We supply a detailed template and contract for proposed blog posts to successful applicants.

Rate of pay & how to apply

There are two options in regards to rates.

  1. Guest post – These type of posts are typically one off and are on a contributor basis with the opportunity to link to your blog, website, social media networks, and we typically do not pay for these types of posts.
  2. myCiity Freelancer – As the saying goes, time is money, hence your time is money. Serious applicants will be provided with information on rates, and all our writers are paid.

Interested? Get in touch with us!

  1. Background info about yourself including writing experience and where you’re from, trips you’ve done (including destination(s) and length of stay in a particular region if you wish to write a destination guide on it)
  2. Minimum 2 samples of your writing OR a draft/outline of any of our required article types listed above
  3. Ideas for blog post(s) you are interested in writing

Thank you!

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