If your thinking why the title, then rest assured these are still tips related to travel, however, primarily aimed for those we consider lazy travelers. A few of these tips may also be a nice to know for you, the adventurous active traveler. Either way, enjoy these nine tips on what to do as a lazy traveler.

Never unpack

There are people who plan to stay at a hotel for a week and upon entering begin emptying out their suitcase and putting everything into the closets or respective places, like toiletries, however, if you are a lazy traveler, then simply don’t unpack. Grab what you need, after you have used it, stash it in a bag and put the bag back into the suitcase. Another option is to have the hotel take your dirty laundry, wash it, bring it back nice and folded and you just throw your things back into your suitcase.

If you want to take it a step further, when you get home, simply don’t unpack. Put your suitcase aside, as everything inside is fresh and clean and you’ll be ready to go on your next trip in no time without having to think about how you are going to pack it all nice and neat.

Be Last

One of those things that sometimes doesn’t make sense, however, at the airport gate people always line up ahead of time and stand there for 30min just to be first on board so that they have overhead compartment space and get in on time. If you’re not flying with a low-cost carrier, then most likely you have an assigned seat, and typically flights won’t be overbooked (however if they are, then give this a read), so relax. As a lazy traveler, why not be the last one on board? You can relax longer at the gate, charge your mobile or notebook, send a few more emails, check your social media again and watch everyone else standing in line to get on the plane.

Then when you arrive at your destination, you can also be last to get off the plane, meaning you get to relax and chill for another 20min or so while everyone else hastily tries to get their belongings together and get off the plane.

Do note that you should only do this if you have a window seat. If you’re on the aisle then you may be a douche delaying someone on the side trying to reach their next flight. Be courteous, even if you’re a lazy traveler.

Packing List

If you don’t utilize our first point above about packing once and never unpacking again, then you may want to create a general packing list. Here are a few thoughts about what you may need to consider when packing and here is a post about packing lightly. Either way, create a generic packing list that you can keep forever. Whether you do it the classical paper and pen style or on your phone. You’ll always have a list to look too, never forgetting anything you generally want with you, like your toothbrush or mobile charging cable.

A packing list can reduce the stress of packing and as a lazy traveler, you don’t want all too much stress. Create your list and keep it with you forever and ever.

Room Service

This is a “cherry on the top” moment for lazy travelers. You don’t need to head into your kitchen to prepare a meal. For goodness sake, you don’t even need to leave your room to get a meal. Get room service instead. In the mornings, you don’t need to head down to breakfast, just order the continental breakfast to your room. You can also order other meals. In most hotels, room service prices almost reflect the same prices as if you were to eat at the hotel restaurant. Typically because it’s almost an identical menu. Hence, if you are a lazy traveler and too tired to go downstairs or head out for a meal, just order in and it will barely cost you more (in most cases).

Enjoying room service is part of lazy travelingHop On, Hop Off

The lazy tourist’s way to get around. You hop on, but you don’t hop off until you’ve gone the whole route. The majority of larger cities these days have some sort of bus tour operator. First, they are a great way to orientate yourself in a new surrounding. Purchasing a pass may well be worth it if your a lazy traveler and want to enjoy sitting on an open rooftop enjoying the view of your city destination.


This relates to packing, however just to point it out again, as a lazy traveler you never need to unpack your toiletries unless they’re empty. Use small travel-size containers (no more than 100ml) since you may only need a carry-on. Even if you’re lazy, use environmental friendly bottles that you can always easily refill when you get home or wherever you might be. This way when you do get home you never have to unpack your toiletries kit because you have everything (hopefully) in a larger bottle at home. It’s a quick and easy tip to always have what you need when you need to run out the door without having to think if you’re packing your deo or shaving kit.

As a side note, hotels will often provide small botels of shampoo or other related hygiene items that may be perfect for your toiletries kit. Use them.


It really depends how you look at “All-inclusive” resorts. Some people may utilize the term “laziness” in relation to such places, while others rather go with “relaxing”. It really is up to you, so who cares what others say. If you want to relax, lay on the beach, soak some sun, swim a little, eat all the fries and drink all the drinks you want, then you really want to book yourself a vacation with an “All-inclusive” resort. This way you really never need to worry about anything else like where to eat or where to go tonight. You can literally be pampered around the clock, just the way a lazy traveler deserves? Right?

City Pass

This is not only for the lazy traveler, but everyone. City passes usually save you money if your there for several days and are able to utilize a majority of attractions. Also for the lazy traveler, you won’t even have to think about where you need to go or what you need to see. Just pull out your tourist map and go to where the city pass is accepted. Things like museums, public transport, and other famous or noteworthy tourist attractions. This is the easy way to really make sure you check off everything without putting all too much effort into planning and breaking your brains on what to see.

These are eight tips and thoughts for the lazy traveler. While we hope most people are actively engaged in their travels, it’s okay to sometimes just want to shut down and really relax and literally do nothing. Nonetheless, what else would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments below and if you know someone who fits this profile then we would appreciate you sharing this post on your social media profile by utilizing the buttons below! Thanks.

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