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myCiity.com is a handmade service and online travel resource that offers the best deals and prices for any type of getaway on any budget for all travel lovers. Our offering includes deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages aggregated into a single platform as a result of extensive research.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel and break boundaries. Explore the world in all its beauty and discover new places, new people, new cultures, new faces, new gestures and make friends and experiences along the way.

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As a family, we love traveling. First as a couple, then with our dogs and now with our kids. We love traveling anywhere and everywhere, from luxurious getaways, backpacking or long road trips.

Everyone should be able to travel, to meet new people and experience other cultures and ways of life. We believe that it opens our minds and allows us to see things from a perspective unknown to us previously.

Along the way, we have shared many of our travel stories on various blog posts. If you know us, then you will know that we plan trips very meticulously. Browsing through a multitude of sites to find the best deals, best connections, times and information. We figured, why not simplify the whole thing and create a portal we know and trust so that as a family we can find all the relevant information we need to book our journey.

After a trip to Singapore, we began working on myCiity, an online portal that included the best in the industry so that everyone would have the opportunity to travel on any budget the way we do.

After many long nights and weekends of emailing, calling and testing, myCiity was silently born and the company founded as a brand under our parent company the KLG_.

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The travel industry is competitive and there are many websites that offer everything travel related, however, myCiity does not offer any confusing packages or sites loaded with explosive banner advertisements. Our goal is to simplify travel by providing the most relevant pricing on one site. We use to search the internet for days before booking our next trip and have now implemented our search strategy on this site so you don’t need to waste hours.

You will find inspiration for your next vacation at the best possible price. We publish great deals and bargains on everything from hotels, flights, cruises and holiday trips through the collaboration with our partners who are the best in the industry.

We look for continuous travel deals manually utilizing our various sources and only publish what we believe to be the absolute best value for money. Deals and offers that we would book ourselves.

As we continue to evolve, we look forward to bringing you exciting new features and deals with ever-increasing ease so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

We are not a travel agency, and we don’t sell tickets. If you have questions concerning a booking, please contact the travel agency or airline company.