Frankfurt is considered the banking city and the financial center of Germany, however, it has more to offer than just a lot of banks and financial services. The skyline of Frankfurt is noticeable from every direction when approaching the city, and seeing it from afar makes you want to discover what this city has to offer. The thing about Frankfurt is that albeit it being a large city, most people do not associate it with a point of travel in regards to vacation, sightseeing, etc, yet the city has many beautiful corners that are definitely worth a visit. It’s not called “Mainhattan” for nothing.

Downtown Frankfurt attractions

At the center of the old town (Hoechster Altstadt), you’ll find a medieval gate that leads directly onto the idyllic Schlossplatz. Around this area, there are numerous historical buildings that line up one after the other and in the center, you’ll find an old oak tree that was planted in 1872 and is commemorated to the Franco-Prussian War. Nearly 150 years later, this tree has become a sight in and of itself.

Towards the west, you’ll find the “Hoechster Schloss”, a very imposing renaissance building that today serves as an unusual location for a variety of events. Speaking of location, all around the Schlossplatz you’ll find a variety of excellent restaurants that offer delicious meals. Especially during the summer months, the palace square attracts locals who enjoy a good dish and beer. If you were to ask local Frankfurtians where you find the most beautiful place in the city, well, Schlossplatz would probably be it.

The “Gasthaus zum Bären”, the “Schwan” and the “Alte Zollwache” are truly traditional German restaurants that serve typical Hessian specialties: green sauce, ribs and “Eppelwoi” which are a must when visiting the city.

One night in Alt-Sachsenhausen

If you’re here then you should definitely have the “eppelwoi” on your plan. This popular district in Frankfurt makes one feel as if you were transported back to the middle ages, narrow streets, picturesque squares with small fountains and historic half-timbered houses – it surely is cozy, but only at first glance. Like many Frankfurt attractions, the famous district also has a completely different side.

Old Sachsenhausen is considered a party mile and entertainment district and that has a tradition: In the 18th century, it was here where the first license was issued for serving cider. Even today, the “Eppelwoi values” line up in particular in the large and small “Rittergasse” as well as in the “Paradies-” and “Klappergasse”, where besides the traditional drink you can also enjoy real Frankfurt specialties like Händkäs with music and delicious beef steak with green sauce.

Around the Frau-Rauscher-Brunnen on the Klappergasse you’ll find a handful of clubs, bars, and pubs that attract local and visiting partygoers every weekend. However, you should note that you should not get too close to the well as it spits water at regular intervals and those who do not pay attention will get wet.

A stroll through the green

So you have had a busy night and are now wanting to get some sun while looking for some peace. Then you should head to the Mainufer. Here you will find the Sommerhoffpark (summer park), in the district of Gutleut. It is a beautiful and fairly unknown park in Frankfurt for outsiders. The complex was planned as an English landscape garden on the summer residence of the Frankfurt banker Johann Noe Gogel in the 19th century and the park has remained one of Frankfurts most beautiful sights to this day.

The park has been open to the public since 1928 and is worth a visit if you are in Frankfurt. The entrance is slightly hidden on Gutleutstraße, which is perhaps one reason why the park is considered a real insider tip. You can enjoy a peaceful serenity under tall trees and old oaks. Alternatively, you can stroll along the banks of the Main or relax on a park bench all lined with beautiful roses.

If you want to see a more popular destination in Frankfurt, then you may want to visit the Frankfurt Palmengarten which has been around since 1868. It has a total size of 22 hectares and is the largest of its kind in all of Germany. Hence, you’ll find a lot of space here. As implied by the name it’s all about tropical plants, so you’ll feel like you’re in a jungle within the urban jungle of Frankfurt.

The museums of Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt boasts many cool museums and several of these belong to top attractions for locals and tourists alike. Start your journey off here by visiting the Museumsufer, between the Iron Bridge and the Peace bridge you’ll find 13 of the city’s best museum right on the waterfront and all within walking distance of each other.

Considering the broad selection, there is something for everyone here, regardless of whether you like sculptures, are interested in film or are more of an architect junkie. Have a visit to the Städel Museum, which houses one of the most significant collections of art history of the last 700 years and on top of this you must have a visit to the Goethe-Haus. He was born here in 1749 and in the adjoining museum, there are many cool things to discover from his time.

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