West Palm Beach is located in Florida’s County of Palm Beach and is a popular destination that offers a variety of interesting sights and things to do. The kilometer-long sandy beaches invite you to dip in the ocean and bathe in the sun, but Palm Beach and West Palm Beach have more to offer than beautiful sandy beaches and sun.

Palm Beach Airport is located a few kilometers from the city and excursions into the area are easily reachable from a multitude of destinations. Hence, a journey to West Palm Beach is something you may want to consider and if you already have it planned, well then these points may help you discover the city a bit more.

1. Norton Museum of Art

The Norton Museum of Art collects high-quality paintings from artists around the globe. It is definitely a hot spot for art lovers and the exhibitions change frequently, often boasting many regional artists. It is here that you’ll find paintings from many American artists on display. On top of that, the architecture of the museum building is fairly interesting as well. If you are looking for some American culture in art, then head over to the Norton Museum of Art.

2. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are an animal lover, then this excursion should be on your list. The sanctuary is a popular destination for visitors and is home to about 200 different species of animals. If you plan on visiting then it is recommended to book a guide with whom you’ll walk around and learn a lot about each of the individual animals. It is even permitted to pet or hug certain animals with the guides. Definitely fun for everyone if you enjoy animals of all kinds.

3. Okeeheelee Park

If you are seeking a place to relax and just lay in the shade out of the sun, then Okeeheelee park is a great place to relax. The park has many well-maintained trails and is ideal for jogging or cycling in the morning. There are a variety of sports fields that host numerous different sports. However, overall just to enjoy a moment of tranquility within the greenery, surely is nice.

4. Downtown West Palm Beach Tour

After relaxing a bit, the night sets in and Palm Beach comes to life as you’ll hear live music on the streets and squares on every corner. You can take a leisurely stroll on the streets and experience the colorful variety of restaurants, pubs, and cafes, or you can go celebrate in the bars and nightclubs around town.

5. Kravis Center for Performing Arts

If you are not that much of an artist in the sense of looking at paintings at the Norton Museum, then the Kravis center may be something more for you as an attraction you should visit in West Palm Beach. It is here that you can experience everything from a Broadway Show to performances with talented music amateurs. The program varies frequently and often performances may also take place outdoors. During intervals, you can grab a greatly priced refreshment or snack and enjoy theatre in a lovely surrounding.

6. Palm Beach Outlets

If you are a shopping fan and feel you must get your shopping on, then this West Palm Beach attraction is something you can’t miss. The outlets have many great brand items at unbeatable prices, whether you are looking for jeans, shirts, or shoes. However, do note that if you are an international traveler, custom regulations may apply. You should inform yourself ahead of time so that you do not experience any surprises upon arrival in your home country.

7. Rapids Water Park

If you need a bit of cooling off with excitement, then head to Rapids Water park. This water park has giant slides, wave pools, and waterfalls. You can drop yourself into the giant tube of float across the river. Rapids Water Park is a great place especially for families visiting West Palm Beach. There is plenty of space for everyone and is a great place if you are looking for a little action during your vacation visiting West Palm Beach.

8. Mounts Botanical Garden

Close to the airport, you’ll find this lovely Botanical garden, that allows all nature lovers to enjoy a nice tour between exotic flowers and trees. This is a great closing to a holiday trip, as you’ll be close to the airport and if you still have some time until departure why not close off a fun vacation by visiting the Botanical gardens?

If you plan on visiting the city of Palm Beach, now you have a few things to do that may not have been on your list prior to this post. With these 8 attractions, you should visit in West Palm Beach, you’ll find something for everyone for art to thrill to shopping and good food. Enjoy.

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