Typically this is one of the last things on your mind, especially after a long journey. You are tired, perhaps impatient and just want to get to your room or head straight for your bed, but then they are there – bedbugs. Regardless of the scenario, whether a business trip, leisure weekend get-a-way, or a full out family vacation. No one wants to deal with bed bugs. They are the last pesky thing on your “take care of” list. However, it may be a reality and you may need to deal with them. We have compiled a list of actions so that you are prepared, are able to identify and deal with bed bugs should they be in your hotel room.

Luggage & room check

What do you typically do when you enter a hotel room. In most circumstances, you’ll walk in, have a look around, see where everything is located. Maybe have a glance out the window, or check the minibar. Perhaps you hop on the bed (By the way, speaking of beds, make sure your linens are clean too. Here are a few tips from experts on what to look out for). Well, our first recommendation aside from entering and either being awed at how beautiful a room you have or perhaps how disgusting it is – is to store your luggage in the bathroom or, when feasible, leave it in the hallway.

The reason being is that bed bugs and bathrooms don’t go well together. It is not the ideal place for them to live, hence it’s a great place to quickly store your luggage as you walk in and do your “walk-through”.

The indicators

After having stored your luggage, you need to know what you are looking for. Logically the most obvious indication of bed bugs is simply pulling back the sheets and see the bugs themselves. However, if you see none, that doesn’t mean there are none. Specialists in pest control recommend that you look for either rusty or reddish stains on the sheets, mattresses or upholstery. You should also check for any dark spots on the bed frame which is an indication for bed bug eggs, eggshells, the skin of the bugs. The best places to check for live bugs themselves are in the cracks and crevices of the bed and mattress, which leads us to the next point.

The search starts

…always with your bed. Take the bed covers off and peek underneath the mattress. Check the corners and seams of the mattress as well in order to verify that there are no tiny dark bugs or brown spots in any of the crevices or corners. A tip is to use your mobile phone’s flashlight to really give you some extra light so that you are able to spot even the tiniest blood spot. From there move to the bed frame, headboard and between. This includes the area between headboard and wall (when possible).

Always remove bed sheets to check for bedbugsThen you search

the rest of your room, including furniture, dresser drawers, chairs, sofa, under pillows. Just give it all a quick thorough check. Bed bugs can wander off from just the bed area. They like hiding in fabric and comfortable places. If your room has curtains make sure to check them as well.

Found one? Leave.

If during your search you find any evidence of bed bugs go back to the front desk and notify the hotel immediately about your discovery. If you really have a suspicion that there are bedbugs, request a new room as far away from the room as possible, and do the same check again in your new room, because logically you do not know if this discovery of yours was a one-off incident or a hotel-wide infestation.

Wash, wash, wash

Upon arriving home, you need to ensure that no bed bugs returned with you in your luggage or clothing. Past controllers recommend thoroughly vacuuming your luggage prior to putting it away. On top of this, you should wash your clothes at the highest temperature permitted without ruining your clothing in order to kill any bugs. If you have a dryer, use it as well.

Luggage type

This is more of a tip rather than step, yet keep in mind that hardshell suitcases are less likely to have any unwanted passengers traveling with you. Alternatively, you can purchase zipper bags that go around your suitcase to protect it from any bed bugs that may be out to get you in your hotel room, on the plane or elsewhere.

With all that being said, it doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid about bedbugs everywhere and all the time. The smallest spot you notice the next morning doesn’t mean a bedbug was feeding on you. With this post, we just want to make you aware of the thousand different things you may come across during your travels. That’s what myCiity tips are all about, and bedbugs are unfortunately perhaps one of them. When you enter your room, just do a quick check (including the bathroom) to ensure that at least from what the eye can see, the hotel hygiene and cleanliness is up to par with what you would expect for the price you are paying. In the end, cleaning is just a job and everyone is human. Do a quick check and enjoy a good nights rest.

Have you encountered bedbugs? Is there anything missing on this list? Leave your comments below.

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