We all have probably run across the issue of not having enough space when packing. Perhaps thoughts in your head along the lines of all your belongings needing to fit into the carry-on without being too heavy. We all have been there. Either way, you can read our post about packing lightly here, or you can read below on a few tips in regards to “how” you can pack for your next trip when space is tight.

The methods we describe below are simply suggestions, however, give them a try and see what works best (hint: we have our favorite method here at myCiity, but we don’t want to be biased) for you.


One of the best ways to save space is to use those famous travel space bags you can now purchase at a variety of stores for next to nothing. The idea behind these bags is simple. You stuff them with just about anything, preferably clothing, shut them and suck the air out of them. They are primarily marketed for home use. For example, you want to change up your closet and put away all your bulky winter clothing. Well, put them in this bag and suck out the air. Store them safely and compact for next season.

You can now get the same bags in travel sizes enabling you to put your clothes into a small travel bag and then vacuum out the air. This saves a tremendous amount of space. A tip from our end – if you don’t want the old style vacuum variation, then go for these nifty ones. What an awesome invention. Put your clothes in, zip it up and roll them. Science takes care of the rest.


Utilize the space in your shoesThis is a classic packing method to get more space usage out of your luggage. First things first though – make sure you disinfect¬†your shoes a few days ahead of time with a spray that kills any and all bacteria before stuffing shirts, underwear or anything else into them. If time is a factor or you don’t want to spray your shoes for whatever reason then, alternatively use a zip-lock bag for your items.

Shoes in and of themselves already take up a lot of space, so using them as fillers and additional storage areas is a great way to get more in.

Our item tips here include socks, ties, jewelry, underwear, belts.

Pressure it down

You’re packing your suitcase only to notice that it’s nearly full and you’re worried whether or not it will close. The problem is you still have a few items that you need to get into your suitcase, but just don’t know how. Heres a small trick that just might help.

Once you feel that your suitcase is packed fairly to the top, close it fully and zip it up. The whole suitcase, not just the part you think sticks out too much. Do whatever you have to, like sitting or standing on it (please use logic in case you have breakables or so). After having done so, just open up your luggage and you should notice that there is now just a bit extra room. Pressuring down the suitcase and its contents create a bit more of space (typically). Use filler areas like corners or between larger items to get in the remainder of items.

If it’s still too much, you’ll need to repack.

Roll It Up

This is one of our favorites and packing trick 101 in the book. Whether your a flight attendant or have served in the military, rolling up your items can be one of the best ways to make a lot of clothing fit into your suitcase. Rather than stacking your clothes, roll each item and neatly pack it in. You’ll see that you have much more space with this method. In addition to saving space and fitting more in your luggage, you’ll have the added benefit that your clothes will generically wrinkle much less than when stacked.

Bundle Packing

There are two variations to this method. First, you can pack small items together in a bag and then wrap larger items around the bag into a so-called bundle. Similar to the above point in rolling, however doing so in onion type layers.

Secondly, you can lay multiple items on top of each other, for example, a few t-shirts laid out on top of each other and rather than rolling individually or folding and stacking, just rolling them together into a larger, fatter bundle might do the trick. Aside from saving time, you’ll have fewer wrinkles by rolling into bundles and will be able to avoid any folds and creases.

Packing bags

You’ve most likely seen those shoe bags or various size packing bags. It’s like another bag to put your stuff in and neatly organize your suitcase that way. These space-saving bags are there too, as the name implies, save space, but also organize. Bag types vary and come as either loose bags or with boards, to help stiffen the contents allowing you to pack more efficiently. The sizes allow you to pick and choose and Tetris your way through a nicely filled piece of luggage.

Bonus: Larger luggage

Now while this really isn’t a real packing tip to save space, an alternative to squishing everything into your carry-on is to get a larger one and just check it in. This really depends on the type of travel you are undertaking and what you want to take with you.

The biggest tip we can give you is to simply pack smart – take what you need and leave the rest behind.

What other methods of packing do you use or what do you find works best for you? Anything we missed here? Lets us know in the comments below.

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